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Caste-based discrimination in India may be more then 3,500 years old. The untouchablity feature of the caste system is one of the most cruelest features of the caste system society. It is one of the strongest racist phenomenon in the world. The terms “Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes” (SC/ST) are the official terms used in the Independent India for the untouchables. While the caste system has been abolished under the Indian Constitution,there is still discrimination and prejudice against the SC/ST.

Since Indian independence, significant steps have been taken to provide opportunities in jobs and education. Many social organizations have encouraged proactive provisions to better the conditions of the SC/ST through improved education, health and employment. Del266297While the Indian Constitution has duly made special provisions for the social and economic uplift of the the scheduled castes and tribes in order to enable them to achieve upward social mobility, but many of the provisions are underutilized or mis-used due to various political and social prejudices.

Today’s SCs and STs, who are more than 260 million in India , lives in poverty mainly in Villages of India. Most of the Villages show no sign of progress in modern India still suffering from basic needs.

Ambedkar Association of North America (AANA) was formed in the year 2008 with the aim of uplifting the life of these poors. It is a registered non-profit, charitable, and cultural organization. AANA believes in Dr. Ambedkar’s dreams and vision for uplifting the SC/ST poor’s of India. AANA focuses on promoting Dr.Ambedkar’s legacy by educating, agitating, and organizing. AANA also envision to spread Buddha’s message of peace and kindness to humanity.

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VISION : Transform the life’s of poor


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