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Volunteers Welcome

AANA is a social organization initiated by a bunch of youngsters with a common goal to uplift the poorest people living in India through various activities.

The poor people living in the poorest villages are denied even from there very basic needs like food and shelter, in the name of caste and religion.

AANA is growing each day with the support of the new volunteers and members to a bigger organization.

We cannot achieve our goal of “Transforming the life of the poor”, with money alone , we need people with all kinds of skills to reach out to the poors to:

  • Understand their needs.
  • Identify the right person who need the help.
  • Educate them about their rights.
  • Introduce them to the opportunities that are awaiting in Govt, business and private sectors.
  • Make the parents aware of the importance of education and make sure they send their kids to school.
  • To spread the message about AANA and its objectives.

If you are willing to be part of our organization and ready to commit for the good cause please contact us with your information at aanausa@gmail.com

We are also looking for volunteers who have time and skills to teach. If so please write to us with the biodata at aanausa@gmail.com