Education Support Request Form

The main goal of AANA is to transform the poor’s life. To achieve our aim we understood that education is the strongest mean by which can transform the life’s of the betterment of not only this generation , but the generation to come. So we have decided to have educational support for the needy as one of the major agendas in our activities. This will be an on going project and we will continue our efforts to support more and more bright students.

Most of the kids leaving the rural areas can not afford to get higher education inspite of their willingness to work hard and move ahead and in majority of the cases it is their financial needs that stops them from pursuing their dreams.While the Indian Constitution has duly made special provisions for the social and economic uplift of the the scheduled castes and tribes in order to enable them to achieve upward social mobility, but most of the times , the support provided by the government alone will not suffice the needs of the educational expenses at todays price and have some of the very needed accessories as to compete with the other students coming from the strong financial background.

So we at ANNA support the brighter students from really very poor families, who cannot afford to take the expenses of education.We utilize the money from the donations to support the students by providing them the financial help to pay their necessary expenses like Hostel fees ,Transporation ,Food  etc.

With this project we are mainly aiming at the students who are pursuing the higher education like Engineering ,medical and PG courses.

We need your support to make this project a success adding as many aspiring youngsters to the list.