Ambedkar's Idea of nation and Nation Building

LET US PROMISE AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY THAT WE WILL PROVE DR. AMBEDKAR “Wrong” WHEN HE SAYS, “The educated people have betrayed me”- how can we do that and keep up his legacy. Let us first get educated ourselves and educate others about the present scenario and understand how we can be most effective in protecting the interests of most oppressed populations in India. Work with Global community will organize and ask for equality, justice and liberty for Indian brothers and sisters.“An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Both will otherwise wither and die.” WHAT DR. AMBEDKAR AND HISTORY TELL US In famous speech on Ranade Gandhi Jinnah,” Dr. Ambedkar discusses the death of liberal party, and its principles once started by Ranade. Please read this important paragraph from this lecture: “Mazzini once said: "You may kill men, you cannot kill a great idea." To me it appears to be a most mistaken view. Men are mortal. So are ideas. It is wrong to hold that an idea will take roots proprio vigore. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Both will otherwise wither and die. Ranade agreed with Mazzini and did not believe that the fructification of an idea needed the resources of strenuous husbandry. If the Liberal Party is content with mere formulation of principles and policies, it is also because of this tradition of Ranade.” WHY SHOULD I THINK ABOUT HISTORY AND FUTURE, WHEN I AM HAPPY WITH MY PRESENT, WHY SHOULD I BOTHER ABOUT OTHERS BROTHERS AND SISTERS, AND OUR FUTURE GENERATION. This is so true to present movement and ideas of Dr. Ambedkar, if we see present scenario India and elsewhere, the picture is not so inspiring. On the occasion of the 121st anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar not a single English newspaper had editorial on his work and contribution to formation of India. Please do not forget that Khairlanji atrocity was highlighted by Indian media after one month when western media took up the issue. This is true with taking up the issues in the interest of masses will never be highlighted by Indian media unless they find it embarrassing when something is talked internationally. This is true for indifferent attitude of government and academia towards Dr. Ambedkar memorials and unpublished works. On the other hand, we have seen efforts by government and civil society to take back the caravan of Dr. Ambedkar’s legacy by making changes in laws and policies in India in the interests of caste Hindus. If we see the scenario in USA, University system is the secret of America’s supremacy in all over the world. Similarly this is very true for great Mouryan Empire which prospered and progressed with top academic Universities like Takshashila , Nalanda, and others. This lead to golden period in Buddhist history of world. These US universities have several courses and memorials to preserve the legacy of Gandhi, anti-colonial studies, Indian studies. However, baring one or two Universities, others hardly know a word about Dr. Ambedkar. It is sad but we should come to senses and realize that this is a fact. If we fail to understand the seriousness of this situation our present and future society will never forgive us, we will not be able to fructify the great ideas of Dr. Ambedkar in the western hemisphere.

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