Ambedkarite Movement After Ambedkar


Mr. Yogesh Maitreya has translated respected J.V.Pawar’s original Marathi ‘J. V. Pawar Gauravgrath’ to ‘Ambedkarite Movement After Ambedkar’ book into English.
This book is to commemorate the work and contribution into Ambedkarite movement of an Ex-Dalit Panther J.V. Pawar.
J.V. Pawar was one of the founding members of Dalit Panthers and participated into almost all of its activities, which he documented in his books too.
J.V. Pawar is a poet, writer and activist. His Marathi poetry collection, titled ‘Nakebandi’ translated into English as ‘Blockade’. His significant contribution into Dalit/Ambedkarite movement is his five immensely valuable book volumes about ‘Ambedkarite movement after Ambedkar’. Not only this, J.V. Pawar has also written a novel and several many important books about Dalit/Ambedkarite political movement.
Yogesh Maitreya finished Masters from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai (TISS) in 2015. For 2 years, he has been writing essays and articles for various online portals such as RoundTable India, TwoCircles etc. and edited one literary magazine called The Baroda Pamphlet, which brought a response from various readers, both academic and non-academic. Recently one article has got published in a book called ‘Hatred in the belly’ which becomes popularly sought after book within first week of its release on Yogesh’s English poetry collection and a book about ‘Ramabai Nagar atrocity, 1997, Bombay’ is being published by June 2016. At present, I am voluntarily contributing translated works at

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