AANA Newsletter “Atta Deep Bhav-अत्त दीप भवं”

Atta Deep Bhav

We are delighted to resume our famous newsletter “Atta Deep Bhav. “Atta Deep Bhav!” is back as a quarterly newsletter starting July 2016 and will be published first month of every quarter. As the name means, “Be Thy Own Light!”, this is the newsletter for Indian Ambedkarites who are willing to follow the path of “Atta Deep Bhav!” in life. We are pleased and honored to resume this newsletter for the following objectives. Quarterly update of highlights of Ambedkarite associations including AANA and other organizations Creating network of Ambedkarites in USA Encouraging and guiding as many deprived sections, to get in the United States of America,Canada and overseas for higher studies and Job. To give them an overview of the trends around and the coming opportunities.

Atta Deep Bhav May 15 2001