Empower – An Awareness and Self Defense Program

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The main objective of this project is to create awareness about sexual assault which occur on women and children on a daily basis and to empower and train them with martial arts to defend themselves whenever such kind of incidents occurs.


We would also like to make people aware that sexual assault is not a stigma and it is not the fault of the victim. We also guide people on how to treat the victim, if they share such kind of incidents. Sexual harassment pertaining laws, help lines and guidelines which are present in India will be also briefed out.


The more acceptances we have for the survivors in our society and the more these incidents are reported and accused are punished, the more sexual assault incidents will be reduced. Our objective is also to create a strong network of Ambedkarite Lawyers (who can help them fight case, with some concession or free of cost), Police and IAS officers (to help register a complaint when the police is not co-operating), Medical Professionals/Counselors (to help the victim heal), news reporters (to help advertise and get justice) and mainly network of organizations that counsel and heal the victim when a sexual assault occurs.


This program is mainly devised for Ambedkarite (marginalized) audience and will be advertised accordingly.

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