Empower Women


Women volunteers of Ambedkar International Mission (AIM) and Ambedkar Association of North America (AANA), based in USA, successfully conducted two interactive workshops on “Empower women and children against sexual violence” at two different locations in Nagpur, India in past two months. This program would not have been possible without the help from AIM Japan and Buddhist International School, and numerous volunteers.

            The purpose of this workshop is to provide:

–          Explain what is sexual violence & abuse

–          Reasons behind sexual violence & abuse,

–          Create sensitivity towards the victim,

–          Information on related laws,

–          Possible indicators to identify abuse, how to respond & support the victim

–          Self-defense techniques to prevent assault / attack.

–          And most importantly mitigate sexual violence against women and children

We also want to create support groups for victims by forming network of Police or IAS/IPS officers (Network of Police to help women to want to register a complaint in case the police station refuses to register a complaint or police is misbehaving), Network of Lawyers (who can help them fight case, with some concession or free of cost), Network of Media (to help generate awareness about issues), Network of Doctors, Network of social workers

Workshop participants are encouraged to interact by asking questions, doubts as well as provide feedback to improve.

In November 2013, first workshop was conducted for students & parents of Buddhist International School (BIS) located in Rameshwari, Nagpur. Second workshop was conducted at Ambedkar Bhawan, Nagpur in December 2013 for diverse group of people. Both were well received and many people volunteered to help in future workshops. Few victims of abuse also approached for help/advise.

We are planning to conduct these workshops every month in schools, colleges, women’s hostels & various other locations. Our next session will be held on 19th January at Milind Vidyalaya, Untakhana, Baidyanath Chowk, Nagpur from 10:00 am onwards.

AIM (USA & JAPAN) and AANA (USA) are not for profit, charitable organizations that believe in Dr. Ambedkar’s philosophy of “Educate, Agitate and Organize” & are working towards fulfilling his vision of better society.

If you would like more information about these workshops or the organizations involved, please contact us at mm_usa@googlegroups.com.

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